Elementary Training

Programs (ages 8-11)

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TRAINING: This program will teach the skills and fundamentals necessary to play volleyball. Elementary Training program held on Friday nights from 5:30-7:00 PM....

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Middle School Training

Programs (ages 12-14)

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012

MIDDLE SCHOOL TRAINING: This program is designed for the volleyball player that can’t commit to the demands of a regular volleyball club season and for the club volleyball...

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High School Training

Programs (ages 15-18)

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012

15 & older Clinics @ The Athletic House View Larger...

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Private Lessons

Focusing 1 on 1

Posted by on Mar 25, 2012

Private lessons are an excellent way for players to rapidly improve their game through a one-on-one coaching experience. Our experienced training staff offers private,...

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Volleyball Training for Athletes of All Ages!

Heat Volleyball is a premiere organization that assists volleyball athletes in achieving all of the goals they have in mind for the upcoming season. Whether they're looking for a fun way to stay active and socialize or they're serious about their game and want top-of-the-line training - our various volleyball events are perfect for all skill levels. With an experienced and reputable staff of coaches, you can be sure that you are receiving the absolute best training when you step into a Heat Volleyball facility.

Why Choose Heat?

While there are summer volleyball camps all over Clearwater and finding a Volleyball club in Tampa isn't exactly a challenge, Heat Volleyball is truly a different kind of Volleyball league. Our training is broken down into different age groups that focus individually on what kids can and should be learning at that age in their sport. We're a volleyball school that aims to focus on the positive, and our volleyball coaching is done by experienced and professional instructors.

Everyone is Welcome

From women volleyball leagues, to private lessons, to boys and girls volleyball - Heat Volleyball truly offers it all! You'll find that our program is one of the most popular in the Palm Harbor area simply because we cater to players of all ages.

A Different Kind Of League

Joining a volleyball league should be more than something that just takes up your free time. Heat Volleyball aims to make the sport truly a passion for its players, and we are constantly aiming towards improvement by adding new features and programs. Feel free to browse our informative website or contact us directly to start learning more about what Heat Volleyball can do for you or your child.

Recent Posts

CrossFit Rebels

We will be offering exclusive membership options for all Heat Volleyball Athletes & Parents with CrossFit Rebels once the club season begins! CrossFit Rebels is located north of The Athletic House at 2077 Sunnydale Blvd. in Clearwater. Three options are being offered: 1. 15 and older athletes every Monday and Wednesday at 3:00. 2. 14 and younger CrossFit...

Middle/High School Training!

Middle School Training is back - Go to Middle School Training on the HOME page for more information and to register. Elementary School Training is back - Go to Elementary School Training on the HOME page for information and to register.  

Recruiting Seminar

Pinellas Heat will be hosting a recruiting seminar soon at The Athletic House. This seminar is geared for any high school-aged athlete who is interested in playing in college. This seminar is free for parents AND athletes; no RSVP is required. Sara Rex and Aaron Harrison will cover the basics of what you need to know if your daughter intends to play collegiate...

2014 Coaching Assignments

We are excited about our returning coaches and also welcoming a few additions of some very talented coaches to our staff. The coaches and team plaecements will be posted soon.

Heat Club Day @ UF Volleyball Match!

Great to see all the HEAT families in Gainsville to see former Heat alumni Berkley Whaley, Nikki O’Rourke and their Gator teammates beat Auburn in 3.